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 Catechist Christmas gathering 2013St Madeleine Parish Catechist Christmas gathering 2013Catechists are those who are called to serve through teaching, witness, prayer, service and building community. Catechists minister to young and children in a variety of state schools. Those who are called catechists are also pastoral leadership who serve the catechetical ministry of our Church at the parish and diocesan.A Catechist is a person who gives her/his time voluntarily to provide religious education to children in primary and secondary state schools.

From 2013 students from Marian College have been participating in the scripture program at Dural PS.

What is Involved ?

Primary Catechists typically spend one hour per week, including travel time, and presentation of a 30 to 40 minute lesson, to 10 – 20 pupils, at one of  six local State Primary Schools, on a Thursday or Friday mornings.

  • Annangrove P.S 10.30 to 11.00. Thursdays
  • Kenthurst P.S. 11.45. to 12.15. Thursdays
  • Glenhaven P.S.   9.00 to 9.30 Thursdays
  • Dural P.S. Years 3/4/5/6. 9.25 to 10.00 and Years K/1/2. 10 to 10:40 Fridays

Lesson materials, comprising comprehensive  teachers’ guidelines and student class books are provided.

A half-day induction session and a  Basic Training Program, comprising three units, of six half  days each, are presented locally, to equip Catechists for  a teaching role.

How to get involved, for a look, see,  or to join the team?

 Leave your name and contact details with the Parish office.

Phone Maureen Jones, the Parish CCD Co-ordinator on  9654-2260, for  information, to arrange a classroom trail visit, or to join the team.