Children’s Baptism

Children’s initiation begins with the Rite of Baptism for Children. This is often undertaken when the child is an infant, but it can be undertaken at a later stage up to the age of discernment. Special arrangements are made for children who are older than the normal age for children’s confirmation and first communion (school year 3) but not yet reached the age of discernment. Baptisms can also be included in the community Sunday Mass, by arrangement with the Parish Priest.

Information for parents who want their child to be baptised can be found:

Baptism Information

The initial preparation of the parents for baptism is undertaken by our parish sacramental team. Sessions are held on the first Saturday of every month, 4:30-5:30pm at the St Joseph Centre.  The parish offers ongoing support to parents during the intervening years between baptism and the other sacraments of initiation, especially with the St Madeleine’s playgroup for more information see Parish Services.

Contact Angelique Easton on 0431891152 for further enquiries.

Baptism Application Form