Dinner Dances

Dinner Dances

The St Madeleine’s Dinner Dances have been wonderful occasions to get parishioners and friends together to celebrate the community and to raise funds on the side. Through the years, these dances have been fun-filled and uplifting.


Retirees Healing Mass & Christmas Luncheon

A tradition that started many years ago, the parish retirees—called The Friendship Group—celebrate together at a healing Mass in late November or early December. This is followed by a sumptuous lunch in the parish hall.  Always well-attended, this gathering brings together the original St Madeleine’s parishioners and the many new friends who have grown with us through the years.


The Kenthurst Country Fair

In the early days of the parish, the concept of a “school fair” was suggested as a means of raising funds for the development of the facilities and the community. The committee at the time suggested to reach out to a community in need at the same time growing our church and schools. It was decided that funds raised would be divided between the parish, the schools and Emmaus. 

The cogs on the wheels began to turn and the first “Kenthurst Country Fair” was held on 7th May 1989!

Through the years, the Kenthurst Country Fair continued to grow, with volunteers running stalls. All profits went to the parish, schools, and designated beneficiary.  One phenomenal year, 30,000 people attended!  It is the main community event of the parish and is highly-awaited every first Sunday of May.